Third Aviation Academy: XS Global brings together the Industry

The Aviation Academy’s third session was a resounding success. With 200 attendees connected for four hours, the event held in March was a crucial meeting point for various professionals in the aviation industry, including reinsurance brokers, reinsurers, pilots, air traffic controllers, helicopter providers, and others. “I think the Aviation Academy is so well received not only because provides a platform for networking, but also because participants learn about real life experiences, accidents, and how to apply insurance policies in those cases”, explains Annabella Ranalletta, LATAM Commercial Director for General Aviation at XS GLOBAL.

The lack of organizations that teach aviation insurance in this industry was Ranalletta’s motivation for creating the academy. "Aviation insurance is something that is learned through practice or from someone with experience who can teach you. There are no institutions available to study the topic”, she emphasizes. That's why the academy aims to learn together, share knowledge,and provide free access to the information gathered. Over the next few months, people will be able to find Aviation Academy sessions on YouTube, making them accessible to everyone at any time.

The idea has been very well received among people involved in the aviation industry who recognizes the need to share knowledge and experiences that contribute to Improving operations and reducing risk. “A safety culture helps refine internal and third-party operating procedures, detect areas of opportunity, and conduct a comparative risk analysis with the entire sector to prevent incidents. In case of accidents, it also helps to have effective reaction protocols,” says Estefania Torres, Fleet and Insurance Manager from Across Aerial Services.

As the industry continues to evolve, events like this will play a vital role in improving risk management. The good news is the Aviation Academy has already scheduled a new date for October, marking its fourth session. “Also, we will launch XS Global Academy. The goal is that as a company we can present topics and share our experiences in each line of business,” Annabella Ranalletta stated.