XS Affinity, the new addition to XS Global

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest business line, XS Affinity. This marks our 11th line of business and contributes to diversifying XS Global product portfolio.

To meet the increasing demand for personalized services, XS Global announce the creation of XS Affinity, insurance offerings adapted to customer’s specific needs with similar interests or characteristics. This can be achieved through partnerships with other companies or by accessing them directly.

“Unlike our competitors, we are designing products that meet the needs of underserved populations”, explains Diana Avila, General Manager at XS Affinity. Among others, are immigrants, travelers, persons who make remittance payments, video game players, senior people, and athletes. “We are investing in technology and innovative approaches that enable us to collect data on customer habits to design tailor-made insurance products that differentiate from our competitors”, Diana details.

Additionally, the plan is to establish partnerships with other companies and organizations that represent customer groups. “This, with the aim of expanding our insurance offerings and reaching new geographic regions or unexplored market segments”, adds Diana Avila.

As the XS Affinity Manager, Diana is responsible for driving the growth of this new business line. With 17 years of experience in the insurance and investment banking industry, she has the expertise to develop XS Affinity and bring an innovative perspective.

Diana began her career at XS Global as a Financial Planning and Analysis Manager and later became the Chief of Staff where she gained extensive experience in project leadership and management. Also, she was able to work with each underwriter and deeply understand XS Global’s product portfolio.

“I’m very pleased that Diana has joined XS Affinity. Her financial and consulting experience, as well as her ability to understand each business line, will allow Diana to assume this new challenge and drive our business forward”, said Jorge Luis Cazar, CEO of XS Global.