Casualty – Latin America


  • LOB: Casualty. Liability arising out of damage, injuries or death caused to any third party.
  • Capacity Provider: Tokio Marine Kiln. Lloyd’s Syndicate 510 80% | Lloyd’s Syndicate 1880 20%
  • Maximum Limit: US$ 50,000,000.– per risk / Insured limit – Capacity

Products, Sub-Lines or Classes

  • Casualty – Commercial General Liability – Products Liability
  • Life Sciences– Clinical Trials; Medical Devices; Products
  • Mfg – Pharma, Veterinary Supplements and Dietary supplements.
  • Events
  • Construction Projects
  • OCIP


  • South America
  • Mexico, Centro America & Dominican Republic

Underwriting appetite – Overview

Preferred Activities / Segments

  • Construction Projects: Civil & Industrial, Ports, tunnels, bridges, underground, off-shore, Oil & Gas, Mining , etc. Civil and Industrial works – Roads, Bridges, Tunnels
  • Food and beverage, Products exports, including USA
  • Metal, Wood, Glass and general Industry, manufactory and processing
  • Oil & Gas; Exploration, Productions, Up stream, down stream, on shore & off-shore, Refinery, Biodiesel, etc.
  • Chemicals and Petro Chemicals Power Generation (all: Thermal, hydro, Eolic, solar including FTS extension) but Transmission (XOL) and Distribution (XOL or high deductibles)
  • Port Operations (excluding TOL and PI) – Including Divers
  • Cement Mfg. – Union & mix, Recall, Rip & Tear
  • Truckers Co. (Excess of Auto Liability or Excess of loss or high deductibles)
  • Use and manipulation of Explosives. Underground works and exposures.
  • Train operation (Cargo and Passenger)
  • Toll road operations (Excess of loss)(For Mexico excluding Users Liability)
  • Auto Parts – Spare parts Mfg. Event Liability: Concerts, Sports, Car Racings, Conferences, others

Casualty Excluded Risks

  • Mining Operations. Product liability for Fertilizers or agrochemicals
  • Primary policies for Life Sciences (Medical devices and Pharma Laboratories).
  • Operations of Oil pipelines.
  • Warehousing – Goods under Care custody and control
  • Mexico, CAM & Dominican: Touristic Hotels, Tour Operators

Contact – XS Commercial General Liability